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Let the Tikka meet the Takka

Moor Mead shook off their tag of draw-specialists with a 3-2 victory away from home against Oxshott Royals Whites.

The facilities and welcome at Oxshott were first class: Moor Mead's "prawn sandwich" reputation was enhanced by one of its players on arrival declaring..."yah, I hit a cameo 30 not out in a cricket match here earlier this year".

John Cole reprised the translator role, and worked on a shooting drill, whilst coach Hayes attempted to tutor half of the boys in a throw in routine, gleaned from Dan "The Prof" Matthews, Moor Mead's u10 coach.

Self appointed captain Fred Mair (...noted for the end of year fines session) kicked off and Moor Mead quickly found their shape with some neat passing moves through midfield. It was with some irony, that on a day that saw the Moor Mead convoy delayed by a man throwing bricks into King Street in Twickenham, a similar Fred Mair power throw released an on-rushing Sammie down the right wing who cut in from the flank and finished from a tight angle.

Oxshott's danger man (number 10) was posing problems for the visitors, but was kept quiet by a strong display from Jack. His fellow (half) Swede -Jesper - was creating problems at the other end, and ghosted in at the back post to turn in Nathan's cross/shot: 2-0. All that was missing was a Thomas Brolin goal celebration (that swirl in the air - back in the summer of ' still rankles...)

And then, a familiar scenario, a series of chances but a failure by Moor Mead to convert, albeit that the Oxshott keeper made some good saves. Oxshott fought back manfully and quickly pounced on some tentative defending and were quickly level.

Cometh the hour , cometh the Magic Man. A deft series of tikka takka style passes around the box saw a space for Nathan, who opened up his body and curled the ball into the far corner. Cue one of Nathan's unique goal celebrations (maybe a dab

or a bellyflop - I was unsighted).

Having put on a pretty good display of passing football, the visitors' coach felt enough was enough, and perhaps not in keeping with the spirit of development football, made sure we shored up the defence and batoned down the hatches. A goal line clearance from Sammie, some vital nicks from Paddy and Giulio ensured that Moor Mead went away with a victory. Well done to Brendan, Jack Giulio, Nathan, Sammie, Fred Mair, Paddy and Jesper. Apologies that we didn't get everyone in the photo.


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