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Richard Feil, Manager & Finance
Cornelius Nwadialor, Coach
Simon Lacey, Secretary
Chris French, Welfare
Julian Lipscombe, Equipment & PR
Paul Johnson, Admin Support
Chris Ctori, Admin Support

MMFC Founder Team 

The U18 team of the 2018/19 season were the pioneering group of boys & parents who founded Moor Mead FC in 2011.  


Their final season in youth football started with the team successfully retaining the Richmond Cup, contested against other teams in the Borough. 

It was the 14th year that the majority of the team had played together, since starting their footballing journey at the age of 4 with weekly games on Moor Mead Park - played always with the ethos of fun & friendship.

Now the boys have moved on to new horizons - but from their lead a successful youth football club has evolved & grown, now playing a big part at the heart of the St Margarets & Twickenham community.  A fine legacy.


The inspiration for the team & our club was parent, Lloyd Wilson, who had a strong belief in the power of sport & in providing access for all. Tragically Lloyd passed away in 2015, but his spirit lives on in the club & the electric yellow kit that he chose, that brightens even the most bleak winter’s day. 


Fellow founders Richard Feil, Chris French, Simon Lacey & Julian Lipscombe continued with the ‘Moor Mead Journey’ & were joined on the management side by Cornelius Nwadialor, Paul Johnson & Chris Ctori in 2016.

It is testament to this group that all at MMFC continue to strive to follow their example of enjoying the beautiful game, with friendship and our community at the centre of the club.

Click here to see an article from 'The Times' in Nov 2017 about MMFC & Lloyd Wilson.

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