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In a tailspin..........

Moor Mead U9's put in a good display in winning 4-3 away at Epsom and Ewell Colts. The Moor Mead management team were put in a tail spin on Friday night as Coach Cole alerted us to the fact that his flight from Munich airport had been cancelled. Rumours that his "business trip" was infact a bonding session at the Oktoberfest remain mere speculation. No matter, JC organised his charges with teutonic efficiency in the first half with the team building an impressive 3-0 lead. Giulio, sporting the captain's armband, put in another strong display in defence and repelled all that was thrown at him. Bessie, on her first league outing this year, also put in a strong display at the back. JC's softer side (surely never on display at Stamford Bridge) saw him ring the changes. The changes brought about a slight lack of positioning, but were warranted given the miserable conditions and the need to get some of our folks involved in the play. The home side brought it back to 3-3, until Toby D, as is his wont, showed a deft first touch and drove the ball home to give the visitors a 4-3 victory in the last minute. Paul Chronnell coaches the side this Saturday coming: the insight he has gained from firstly, sports journalism at a broadsheet paper, secondly, watching most of Wenger's 20 years at Highbury/the Emirates and finally , and most importantly, from playing 5 a side with a bunch of middle aged men at a west London sports centre on a Tuesday night bodes well for the style of play.


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