• Always play to the best of my ability and for the benefit of my team 

  • Play fairly – I won’t cheat, dive, complain or waste time 

  • Respect my team-mates, the other team, the referee and my coach/manager 

  • Play by the rules, as directed by the referee or coach

  • Be gracious in victory and defeat and shake hands with the other team and referee at the end of the game 

  • Listen and respond to what my coach/team manager tells me 

  • Understand that a coach has to do what is best for the team and not one individual player 

  • Wear shin pads and suitable footwear during all training and matches

  • Talk to someone I trust or the club welfare officer if I’m unhappy about anything at my club


I understand that if I do not follow the code, any/all of the following actions may be taken by my club, county FA or The FA:



  • Be required to apologise to my team-mates, the other team, referee or team manager 

  • Receive a formal warning from the coach or the club committee 

  • Be dropped or substituted 

  • Be suspended from training 

  • Be required to leave the club.



  • My club, County FA or The FA may make my parent or carer aware of any infringements of the Code of Conduct 

  • The FA/County FA could impose a fine and suspension against my club. 




We all bear a collective responsibility to set a good example and help provide a positive environment in which children can learn and enjoy the game. Play your part and observe The FA’s Respect Code of Conduct for spectators at all times.


  • Remember that children play for FUN 

  • Applaud effort and good play as well as success 

  • Respect the Referee’s decisions even when you don’t agree with them 

  • Appreciate good play from whatever team it comes from 

  • Remain behind the touchline and within the Designated Spectators’ Area 

  • Let the coach do their job and not confuse the players by telling them what to do 

  • Encourage the players to respect the opposition, referee and match officials 

  • Support positively and offer players encouragement not criticism 

  • Never engage in, or tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour 


I understand that if I do not follow the Code, any/all of the following actions may be taken:



  • Issued with a verbal warning from a club or league official 

  • Required to meet with the club, league or CFA Welfare Officer 

  • Required to meet with the club committee 

  • Obliged to undertake an FA education course 

  • Obliged to leave the match venue by the club 

  • Requested by the club not to attend future games 

  • Suspended or have my club membership removed 

  • Required to leave the club along with any dependents. 


  • The FA/County FA could impose a fine and/or suspension on the club.




Please click to download:   MOOR MEAD FC PLAYER CONSENT FORM